StunterX R7 Full Frame with Detachable Subframe


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We have completely overhauled the R7 frame to make it more suitable for stunt riding by strengthening up the entire frame and giving it a detachable subframe!

We made multiple improvements to this frame …

1) Increased the tube diameter on the main section of the frame from the factory’s 1 inch diameter to a 1 1/4 inch diameter.

2) Added another main support to the front of the frame to add strength to the impact points where the crash cage mounts onto the frame.

3) Used ticker plated steel on the lower section of the frame where the rear motor mounts attach and the swingarm mounts along with a stronger cross support for this plated area.

4) Built the frame with a detachable (and replaceable) subframe.

5) Built a stronger subframe by adding a cross support and using thicker gauge steel.

As all our frames this will come with StunterX VIN and MCO (title) to allow you to insure and put your bike on the street.

*We only issue one title/MCO per frame so DO NOT LOSE YOUR TITLE and register with you state immediately upon arrival as we will not be able to issue a replacement.*

Color info: We do powder coat in house and can powder coat most every color has to offer. The single stage colors are free of charge. If you would like a 2 stage color such as candy,illusion or a clear coat there will be an additional fee. Please contact us via email  or call us at 315-365-3051 for color request and pricing on the 2 stage colors. If no color request is made the part will come in satin black.

*COLOR DISCLAIMER* Many colors look different from the photos online than they do in person and they may appear different on different screens or monitors. We are not responsible if your expectation of the color you see online is different than what the color looks in person.*

**All our parts are built to order and all sales are finial**


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in